A day in the life of a Finance Analyst

9:00am – I start by reviewing all our outstanding orders, by running reports on SQL and putting data into Excel. I then use this information to take into a meeting with our ops/supply team, where we discuss the weeks orders and prices over a cup of tea.

The best part is I learn a lot in these meetings, I am new to the business so for me it’s an opportunity to soak up all the knowledge that is shared on our suppliers and the workings of BoilerJuice.

11:00am – Excel is a huge part of my day (Spreadsheet Fanatic), I am usually working on various reporting projects for different stakeholders in the business.

Running and analysing data and meeting with colleagues to go through their requirements.

This means I get to speak to lots of different people, so each day is very different!

1:00pm – As I am a student, my break usually consists of grabbing lunch at one of the local cafes and revising for an exam.

3:00pm – After spending some time reviewing my emails, I go back to my one true love. Excel.

Usually my afternoons are spent finishing of work from my mornings, however as with any finance department, towards the end of the month my daily routine changes. I start preparing things like budget trackers for projects and departments, targets for the following month, generating invoices.

I also have the opportunity to help my manager with various requests, we have a great team and as I am working with 2 qualified accountants I have the opportunity to ask lots of questions and learn.