A day in the life of an e-CRM Executive

8:15 – This is when I leave the house for work. The great thing about working in St Ives, rather than the centre of Cambridge, is I can get to work in no time at all. The commute is so much easier than other jobs I’ve had.

8:30 – Work begins! I grab the ever-essential cup of tea, breakfast bar and banana, all courtesy of BoilerJuice. I usually start my day by checking in on how that morning’s email sends have performed. I keep Google Analytics open so I’m able to view a continuous pattern between email sends and conversion.

9:00 – I work on building the email for the next send. As well as putting together the imagery in an appealing way I also devise the wording, so have to think carefully on chosen lexis and the message I want the customer to receive, as well as the action I want to inspire.

10:00 – The team planning meeting takes place, when the Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager and I get together to plan our messaging for the following week. This are fun yet focused meetings and a great creative outlet for each of us- there are no “bad ideas”, and we very often bouncing off one another and evolve something great together. These meetings aren’t only for planning messages around email and social media for the next week, but also discussing campaign plans and where best to fit these.

11:30 – After another essential tea, I begin building a design brief to send over to the creative agency so we can start building the imagery that fits the message of the upcoming email sends.

13:00 – We’re very lucky at BoilerJuice to get a full hour for our lunch, which we can take at whatever time we please. Sometimes we go to the pub together, other times we might go over to the supermarket for food and eat at out desks, and sometimes we do our own thing. Living locally, I’m able to go home for my lunch break which gives me more time to see my partner or get things done around the house. I really appreciate the length and flexibility of the lunch break, as I always returned fully refreshed and ready to focus.

14:00 – In the afternoon, I continue with email builds. When completed, I check these through with the CMO and Head of Customer Service to check that we are agreed on messaging, before segmenting data and scheduling the emails. The Marketing Manager and I also study and analyse data from previous sends together to help us in planning future messaging and tests around customer life cycles.

17:00 – The day ends, and we head home. Finishes work so early in the evening makes for a great balance of professional and personal life. Since working at BoilerJuice not only have I had a greater job satisfaction, but I also have more time for hobbies and a busier social life.